Total Lock Brake Super Heavy Duty Caster Swivel Radius 3.5 Inches Black Wheel

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name YLcaster
Certification ISO9001
Model Number I005

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Product Details
Caster Type Heavy Duty Swivel Radius 3.5 Inches
Bearing Ball Bearing Wheel Color Black
Brake Type Total Lock Plate Size 4 X 4.5 Inches
Wheel Width 50mm Bolt Hole Size 0.375 Inches
High Light

3.5 Inches Super Heavy Duty Caster


Swivel Super Heavy Duty Caster


Black Wheel Super Heavy Duty Caster

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Super Heavy Duty Casters are designed to offer an exceptional solution for those who require reliable and robust mobility for heavy loads. These casters are engineered to handle ultra-heavy loads while providing ease of movement, making them an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications. With a focus on durability and performance, the Super Heavy Duty Casters are crafted to meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

At the core of these casters is their Heavy Duty Caster Type classification, which signifies their capability to support substantial weight without compromising on maneuverability. This is made possible thanks to the Double Ball Bearing design that ensures smooth rolling action and improved distribution of load. The double ball bearings reduce friction and wear, which in turn extends the lifespan of the caster wheels, even under continuous use.

The Super Heavy Duty Casters are characterized by their Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster Style, which denotes a construction that is both sturdy and resilient. The steel material provides the strength needed to support ultra-heavy loads, making these casters an ideal choice for transporting heavy machinery, equipment, or any other items that require a robust mobility solution. Their construction is not only strong but also designed to resist the wear and tear of industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Integral to the functionality of these casters is the Ball Bearing system they employ. The bearings facilitate a smooth rotation of the wheel, allowing for easy and precise control even when moving hefty loads. This feature is particularly important in settings where precision movement is essential, such as in manufacturing plants or warehouses where equipment needs to be positioned accurately.

The Wheel Width of these casters is a substantial 50mm, providing a broad and stable base for the movement of heavy items. The width of the wheel is a critical factor in the caster's performance, as it influences the distribution of weight and the ease of rolling. A 50mm wheel width ensures that the super heavy duty caster wheel can navigate a variety of surfaces with ease, from smooth concrete floors to more irregular surfaces that might be found in certain workspaces.

When it comes to the keywords that best describe these casters, "super heavy duty caster wheel" and "ultra heavy duty caster wheel" are both apt descriptors. These terms emphasize the casters' capacity to perform under the most demanding conditions, supporting and transporting ultra-heavy loads reliably. The super heavy duty caster wheel is not just a component; it is a critical asset for any operation that values efficiency, safety, and reliability.

In summary, the Super Heavy Duty Casters are an exemplary choice for businesses and operations that require the highest level of performance from their mobility solutions. With a Heavy Duty Caster Type, Double Ball Bearing design, Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster Style, Ball Bearings for effortless movement, and a 50mm Wheel Width, these casters are built to exceed expectations. Whether it's for industrial, commercial, or specialized applications, these casters promise to deliver the strength, durability, and reliability needed to keep heavy loads moving smoothly and efficiently.


  • Product Name: Super Heavy Duty Casters
  • Style: Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster
  • Load Capacity: 2000 Lbs
  • Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane with extra heavy duty nylon wheels casters
  • Brake: Front Brake
  • Feature: Designed as an ultra heavy duty caster wheel for maximum durability

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Overall Height 7.5 Inches
Caster Type Heavy Duty
Bolt Hole Size 0.375 Inches
Style Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster
Brake Type Total Lock
Brake Front Brake
Bearing Type Double Ball Bearing
Swivel Radius 3.5 Inches
Plate Size 4 X 4.5 Inches
Wheel Width 50mm
Wheel Material Extra Heavy Duty Nylon


The YLcaster brand, known for its robust and high-quality mobility solutions, offers the Model Number I005 super heavy duty caster wheel, designed to redefine the standards of load-bearing and maneuverability. These casters are born from the meticulous engineering and manufacturing processes that take place in Guangdong, China, and are backed by the ISO9001 certification that attests to their quality and reliability.

These extra heavy duty nylon wheels casters are conceived for applications where heavy loads are a constant, and the need for smooth, effortless movement is paramount. The integration of a ball bearing system within these casters ensures that even when supporting substantial weights, the wheels can pivot and roll with minimal friction, promoting ease of movement and reducing the effort required to maneuver heavy equipment.

One of the outstanding features of the Model Number I005 is its total lock brake system. With a simple engagement mechanism, these casters can transition from fluid mobility to a secure, stationary position. The front brake design enhances this functionality, allowing for immediate stopping and locking, ensuring the safety and stability of the load they carry. These casters are therefore ideal for scenarios where both movement and immobility are equally critical, such as in heavy machinery workshops, industrial warehouses, loading docks, and manufacturing assembly lines.

Moreover, the super heavy duty caster wheel's swivel radius of 3.5 inches provides a compact turning circle, enabling equipment to be effortlessly navigated through tight spaces and sharp corners. This is especially beneficial in crowded or space-constrained environments. The bolt hole size of 0.375 inches allows for secure mounting and compatibility with a wide range of devices and machinery, broadening the scope of applications for these casters.

From automotive industry floors where heavy components need to be shifted frequently, to staging areas for theatrical or concert equipment, the YLcaster Model Number I005 extra heavy duty nylon wheels casters are the go-to choice for professionals who demand strength, performance, and reliability. Their robust construction and design specifications make them a versatile and indispensable component in any setting where heavy-duty support and mobility are required.


Brand Name: YLcaster

Model Number: I005

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Certification: ISO9001

Plate Size: 4 X 4.5 Inches

Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Style: Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster

Bolt Hole Size: 0.375 Inches

Bearing: Ball Bearing

Explore our range of super heavy duty caster wheels designed for the most demanding applications. The YLcaster Model I005 is the epitome of strength and durability. Manufactured in Guangdong, China, and backed by an ISO9001 certification, these ultra heavy duty caster wheels ensure superior performance and longevity. The robust 4 X 4.5 inches plate size, combined with a high-quality polyurethane wheel material, makes this ultra heavy duty caster wheel a reliable choice for industrial use. Complete with a precision ball bearing and a 0.375 inches bolt hole size, the YLcaster super heavy duty steel caster is engineered to support substantial loads while providing smooth maneuverability.

Support and Services:

Our Super Heavy Duty Casters are designed to provide reliable and robust support for your heavy-duty transportation needs. Each caster is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even under extreme loads and conditions. The casters feature a precision bearing for smooth rolling and easy maneuverability, as well as a strong wheel core and thick tread to resist wear and tear.

The technical support for our Super Heavy Duty Casters includes a comprehensive guide that details the specifications, installation procedures, maintenance tips, and safety instructions. For optimal performance, regularly inspect the casters for any signs of damage or wear, and ensure that they are correctly installed and secured before use. Proper maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating the bearings, will extend the life of your casters and maintain their functionality.

Our services include access to our technical support team, who can provide expert advice on caster selection, installation, and maintenance. Should you encounter any issues or require assistance with our products, our team is ready to provide the support you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Additionally, we offer a warranty on our Super Heavy Duty Casters, covering any defects in materials or workmanship, ensuring that you can trust in the quality and reliability of our products.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our Super Heavy Duty Casters come securely packaged in high-strength cardboard boxes with ample padding to ensure stability and protection during transit. Each caster is individually wrapped in protective material to avoid scratches and damage. The package includes a set of 4 casters along with the necessary mounting hardware and an installation guide.

Shipping: The Super Heavy Duty Casters are shipped via our trusted logistics partners to provide timely and safe delivery. Tracking information will be provided upon dispatch. Please inspect the package upon arrival for any signs of damage during shipping and report immediately for prompt resolution. For bulk orders, casters may be shipped on a pallet to ensure additional security and ease of handling.


Q: What is the weight capacity of the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters model I005?

A: The weight capacity will vary depending on the specific size and design of the caster. Please refer to the product specifications sheet or contact customer service for the weight capacity of the model I005.

Q: Can the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters be used on all floor surfaces?

A: YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters are designed to work on a variety of floor surfaces, but it's best to check the specifications for the recommended usage on different types of floors such as concrete, tile, or carpet.

Q: Are the YLcaster model I005 casters suitable for outdoor use?

A: While the casters are built to be robust, their suitability for outdoor use will depend on the specific environmental conditions. Please consult the product documentation or contact customer support for advice on outdoor applications.

Q: Do the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters come with a brake mechanism?

A: Some models of the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters come with a brake mechanism. Please check the product details for the model I005 to determine if it includes a brake.

Q: How do I install the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters on my equipment?

A: Installation instructions should be provided with the casters. Typically, it involves attaching the casters to your equipment using the mounting plate and bolts. If you need additional assistance, customer service would be happy to help.