Polyurethane Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Caster 50mm Wheel Black Steel Total Lock Casters

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name YLcaster
Certification ISO9001
Model Number I005

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Product Details
Wheel Width 50mm Bearing Ball Bearing
Wheel Material Polyurethane Caster Type Heavy Duty
Overall Height 7.5 Inches Style Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster
Brake Type Total Lock Wheel Color Black
High Light

Black Steel Heavy Duty Caster


50mm Heavy Duty Caster


Total Lock Heavy Duty Caster

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Super Heavy Duty Casters represent the pinnacle of strength and durability in the caster wheel market. Each super heavy duty caster wheel in this line of products is meticulously designed to handle the most demanding applications where traditional casters would falter. With a swivel radius of 3.5 inches, these casters offer unparalleled maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight corners and confined spaces with ease, all while supporting a substantial load capacity of up to 2000 lbs.

The wheel color of these ultra heavy duty caster wheels is a sleek, industrial black, signifying the strength and resilience built into every component. The color not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves to mask marks and scuffs, ensuring the casters maintain a professional look even in the toughest of working environments. The robust construction of these casters is complemented by a front brake mechanism that gives you total control over the mobility of your equipment. With a simple, yet effective braking system, you can safely immobilize your heavy loads, thereby preventing unwanted movement and ensuring stability and safety during loading and unloading processes.

When it comes to materials, the Style: Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster is not just a name, but a promise of quality and durability. Forged from high-grade steel, these casters are built to withstand not just the weight of heavy loads, but also the rigors of continuous, daily operation. The steel composition ensures that the casters will not bend, warp, or break under stress, making them a reliable choice for machinery, industrial carts, and heavy equipment that require robust support and smooth transportation.

The versatility of the super heavy duty caster is one of its most significant features. These casters can be used in a variety of settings, from manufacturing plants and warehouses to workshops and construction sites. Their design caters to those who need a dependable solution for transporting heavy goods without the fear of failure. The mobility that these casters provide can greatly increase efficiency and reduce the strain on operators, making heavy lifting tasks more manageable and less time-consuming.

Every aspect of the super heavy duty caster wheel is engineered for performance. The swivel capability of the caster head allows for 360-degree rotation, providing flexibility and precision in steering. This feature, combined with the modest swivel radius, ensures that even the heaviest loads can be maneuvered with minimal effort. The strength of these casters is further enhanced by their ability to distribute weight evenly, which not only aids in transport but also prolongs the life of the caster by reducing wear and tear.

The Super Heavy Duty Casters also boast a maintenance-friendly design. The wheel bearings are sealed to prevent the ingress of dust, dirt, and debris, which can compromise the smooth operation of the caster. This feature ensures that your casters will remain rolling with ease, requiring less frequent maintenance and providing a longer service life. Additionally, the inclusion of a front brake is not only a safety feature but also contributes to the caster's longevity by preventing unnecessary sliding and skidding that can cause premature wear.

In conclusion, the Super Heavy Duty Casters are the ultimate solution for anyone in need of a reliable, ultra heavy duty caster wheel. Their impressive load capacity, swivel radius, and robust steel construction, combined with the convenience of a front brake and the sleek black wheel color, make them an ideal choice for the most challenging material handling tasks. These casters are not just a purchase; they're an investment in efficiency, safety, and durability. Whether for industrial, commercial, or construction use, these casters are designed to keep you rolling smoothly towards productivity and success.


  • Product Name: Super Heavy Duty Casters
  • Overall Height: 7.5 Inches
  • Brake Type: Total Lock
  • Swivel Radius: 3.5 Inches
  • Brake: Front Brake
  • Caster Type: Heavy Duty
  • Keywords: super heavy duty caster, super heavy duty caster wheel

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Plate Size 4 X 4.5 Inches
Bolt Hole Size 0.375 Inches
Brake Type Total Lock
Bearing Ball Bearing
Mounting Type Plate
Bearing Type Double Ball Bearing
Overall Height 7.5 Inches
Style Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster
Wheel Width 50mm
Swivel Radius 3.5 Inches


The YLcaster brand, hailing from Guangdong, China, introduces the Model I005, an exemplar of robust construction and reliability in the realm of mobility solutions. These casters are engineered to address the needs of various industrial applications, where the transportation of heavy loads is a regular demand. The super heavy duty caster is crafted with certification to ISO9001 standards, ensuring a product that meets high-quality assurance and performance criteria.

With a substantial load capacity of 2000 Lbs, the YLcaster's Model I005 is a paragon in the category of super heavy duty caster wheels. These wheels are not only designed to bear considerable weight but also to ensure smooth movement across different terrains. The polyurethane wheel material offers a perfect blend of elasticity and toughness, reducing the vibration and noise that often accompany the transportation of heavy equipment. The wheel color is a classic black, which not only adds to the aesthetic but also helps in maintaining a cleaner appearance by concealing marks and scuffs.

The caster type is a heavy duty, making it a go-to choice for scenarios such as automotive factories, heavy machinery manufacturing, and aerospace components handling where the extra heavy duty nylon wheels casters are required. The 50mm wheel width of these casters provides a stable base for the movement of large and heavy items, ensuring safety and ease of maneuverability.

Applications for the YLcaster Model I005 super heavy duty caster extend to various occasions. In construction sites, where the transport of heavy building materials is a daily task, these casters prove indispensable. Warehousing operations that involve the handling of heavy pallets and large inventory items also benefit from the durability and load-bearing capacity of these wheels. Furthermore, in the shipping industry, where cargo containers need to be moved swiftly and securely, the YLcaster's heavy duty casters offer the necessary support and reliability.

In essence, the YLcaster Model I005 is the ultimate solution for industries that demand the highest level of performance and durability from their mobility equipment. Its exceptional load capacity, coupled with the robust polyurethane construction, ensures that these casters can withstand the rigors of the most challenging environments while providing a reliable and efficient means of transportation.


Brand Name: YLcaster

Model Number: I005

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Certification: ISO9001

Brake Type: Total Lock

Wheel Color: Black

Style: Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster

Plate Size: 4 X 4.5 Inches

Load Capacity: 2000 Lbs

Discover our ultra heavy duty caster wheel from YLcaster, designed for unparalleled durability and performance. The model I005 is a testament to our commitment to quality, proudly originating from Guangdong, China, and boasting ISO9001 certification.

Featuring a robust total lock brake type for secure positioning and a sleek black wheel color, this caster is a prime example of industrial strength and aesthetic. Our extra heavy duty nylon wheels casters are built to withstand the most demanding environments, ensuring smooth maneuverability and steadfast support.

The Super Heavy Duty Steel Caster style is engineered for those who require the highest load capacity, supporting up to 2000 lbs with ease. The substantial 4 X 4.5 inches plate size provides a stable base, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Upgrade your equipment with YLcaster's premium ultra heavy duty caster wheel and experience the difference that quality makes.

Support and Services:

Our Super Heavy Duty Casters are designed to provide reliable and durable support for heavy loads, ensuring smooth mobility for your equipment. Each caster is crafted with high-quality materials and engineered for industrial strength applications. To ensure that you get the most out of our product, we offer comprehensive technical support and services.

Our technical support team is available to assist with any inquiries you may have about the installation, maintenance, or operation of our Super Heavy Duty Casters. Our experts can provide guidance on selecting the right caster for your application, as well as tips for optimizing performance and extending the lifespan of the product.

In addition to technical assistance, we provide a range of services to support your needs. This includes warranty information, replacement parts, and troubleshooting for any issues that may arise. We are committed to ensuring that your experience with our Super Heavy Duty Casters is positive and that your equipment remains mobile and functional.

To maintain the quality and performance of your casters, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance. Our support services can offer advice on routine check-ups and can supply you with the necessary components for upkeep, ensuring that your casters continue to operate at their best.

For any further assistance or to access our support services, please reach out to us through our designated customer service channels. We are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Our Super Heavy Duty Casters are meticulously packed to ensure their safe arrival. Each caster is encased in high-density foam to prevent scratches or damage during transit. The casters are then placed in a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box designed to withstand the rigors of shipping. The box is sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and clearly labeled with the product information and handling instructions.


We ship our Super Heavy Duty Casters via a trusted freight carrier to provide reliable and efficient delivery. Each shipment is carefully palletized and shrink-wrapped to secure the boxes during transportation. We offer standard ground shipping as well as expedited options to meet your specific needs. Tracking information will be provided upon dispatch so you can monitor your shipment's progress. Please inspect your package upon arrival and report any damage immediately to our customer service team.


Q1: What is the weight capacity of the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters model I005?

A1: The YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters are designed to support substantial loads. However, the specific weight capacity can vary based on the size and type of the caster. To get the exact capacity for model I005, please refer to the product specifications or contact customer service for details.

Q2: Can the YLcaster model I005 casters be used on all floor types?

A2: YLcaster casters are designed for versatility and can be used on a variety of floor types. However, the suitability may depend on the specific wheel material and floor condition. It's recommended to check with YLcaster to ensure that the model I005 casters are appropriate for your particular flooring.

Q3: Are the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters model I005 suitable for outdoor use?

A3: The YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters are built to be robust, but the suitability for outdoor use would depend on the specific environmental conditions and wheel material. Please consult the product's specifications or contact YLcaster customer service to confirm if model I005 can be used outdoors effectively.

Q4: Does the YLcaster model I005 come with any certifications?

A4: Yes, the YLcaster model I005 comes with ISO9001 certification, which ensures that the product meets quality management standards.

Q5: What is the warranty period for the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters model I005?

A5: The warranty information for the YLcaster Super Heavy Duty Casters model I005 is not included here. Please contact YLcaster directly or refer to the warranty documentation provided with the product for warranty details.