Super Heavy Duty Aluminium Core PU Caster Customized

July 9, 2021
Latest company case about Super Heavy Duty Aluminium Core PU Caster Customized

This is a super heavy duty brake aluminum core PU caster customized by one of our Singapore caster wheel wholesalers. It includes two sizes, 8 inch and 10 inch, the wheel width is 2 inches, and the installation height is 250mm and 280mm. This wheel is a top plate style, the size of the plate is 138x110mm, the mounting screw hole distance is 110x75mm, and it is equipped with precision double ball bearings and pedal rear brake. The brake type is a single brake, and the wheel is fixed only when the pedal is stepped on. The load capacity of a single caster can reach 1000kg. The blue bracket is painted with paint, and the position of the wave plate is also a precision ball bearing. This structure is also known as an impact-resistant structure, also call kingpinless style. In other words, it can withstand more and greater impacts. The thicker PU tread is also at the same time Greatly extend the service life of casters.




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Of course, if you are not satisfied with the color of the bracket, we can also provide you with color customization services. Silver and black are popular choices. Others can also be achieved, including the color of PU coating. There is also the thickness and size of the base plate bracket, the size of the wheel, the thickness of the wheel tread, the material of the wheel, and the realization of the double brake of the wheel and direction. We can all meet your needs, because we are experienced and professional caster wheel manufacturer, YLcaster.


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