2.5 inch Office Chair Caster Set Sales Online In South Africa

July 9, 2021
Latest company case about 2.5 inch Office Chair Caster Set Sales Online In South Africa

2.5-inch office chair wheels, 3 inch is also available, also called transparent polyurethane universal wheels, circlip furniture wheels, as shown in the picture, 5 movable polyurethane transparent wheels are a set, each wheel is covered with a bubble bag to provide comprehensive protection . The black wheel core mirrors the transparent polyurethane encapsulation with an elegant light. The smooth double ball bearings make the chair move more smoothly. The double wave disc design allows the wheels to rotate like moving clouds and running water, and the pure black electrophoretic treatment bracket reveals a touch of coldness. The convenient circlip plug makes disassembly and assembly more convenient. This is the transparent polyurethane chair wheel. The characteristics of polyurethane are believed to be heard by many people. It is wear-resistant, silent, odorless, and does not leave marks. The chair equipped with this caster allows you to focus on working in a quiet environment while taking care of your soft floor.


I believe you have seen it. The caster is in a white suit box, 5 in a set, suitable for various 5-foot office chairs. This batch of goods was purchased by a customer of a South African caster wholesaler who sells online. There is no problem at all in retail, wholesale, etc. of this kind of wheels. This furniture wheel is also a hot-selling style on Amazon. If necessary, printing, embossing the brand logo on the caster bracket, personalizing the package package, and making the outer box Amazon standard production are also completely possible. After all, we have been providing other styles of casters for many Amazon customers. ,Experience.


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