Hot Selling Casters in Amazon India

June 9, 2021
Latest company case about Hot Selling Casters in Amazon India



This is a customized product made by one of our customers in India. 2 inch blue PVC light duty casters with brakes are suitable for a variety of furniture and home appliances. Customers are Amazon sellers, so the packaging is arranged according to Amazon standards. The casters required by the customer include two installation methods, top plate type and threaded stem type, each of which is a set of 4, and each set is packaged in a separate hard box. Appropriate installation accessories are all matched: the plate type is equipped with 4 Phillips self-tapping screws; the threaded stem type is equipped with 4 hex nuts. In this way, customers no longer need to purchase accessories by themselves after receiving it, which provides convenience to customers. Various information required by the customer is printed on the outside of the package box, and a product barcode is affixed. The outer box is also printed with various prompts and signs, and is affixed with FBA labels, order number, box number and model number, etc. For the safety of the goods and convenient transportation, we stack the casters neatly, wrap them with stretch film, and tie them with packing straps.


production process







This is the case with a hot-selling caster from Amazon in India. Friends with similar needs can consult us for purchase. We are a professional caster manufacturer and believe that we can provide you with quality services.