Hot Heavy Duty Cast Iron Core Rubber Casters To USA

July 15, 2021
Latest company case about Hot Heavy Duty Cast Iron Core Rubber Casters To USA

The product in the picture below is a heavy duty cast iron hollow core rubber industrial caster. The wheels are 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches in diameter and 2 inches in width. The load capacity of the caster can reach 396 pounds, 440 pounds, and 506 pounds and 550 pounds, it is an order product of one of our American customers. The bottom plate installation method is to fasten the bottom plate and the object to be installed by 4 sets of screws and nuts. The bracket has four styles: directional, universal, universal side brake and universal double brake. This customer order selected three types of brackets except for universal double brake. Among them, the iron core rubber casters of the universal side brake are the more popular styles in North America.


After assembling the wheels and brackets, put them in a transparent PP bag separately, and then pack them into the carton with the box label to seal, and then tie a tie on the outside, stack it on the cargo pallet, and then it can be packed and transported.


Single iron rubber wheels waiting for install




Iron Core Rubber Caster Assembling





Heavy Duty Rubber Casters Assembled




Real Shot Of 4 inch Side Brake Heavy Duty Cast Iron Core Rubber Caster









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