Stainless Steel Precision Ball Bearing Medical Casters White Grey 275lbs Load Capacity 4 Inches Height

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Medical Caster
Certification ISO Rosh CE
Model Number HRM001
Minimum Order Quantity 200
Packaging Details 1. Inner packing:transparent opp bags each products 2. outer packing:cardboard box 3. other packing: Customed packing
Delivery Time 180
Supply Ability 6000000

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Product Details
Color White+Grey Bearing Type Precision Ball Bearing
Wheel Size 4 Inch Loaded Capacity 275lbs
Type Plate Bolt Hole Spacing 76*61mm
Material Stainless Steel Overall Height 4 Inches
High Light

275lbs Load Medical Casters


4 Inches Height Medical Casters


White Grey Medical Casters

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Product Description

Product Description:

Our top-of-the-line Medical Casters are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry. With a robust construction featuring high-quality Stainless Steel, these casters ensure durability and reliability in the fast-paced medical environment. The Stainless Steel material not only provides a sleek and professional appearance but also offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and easy sterilization, crucial for maintaining the strict hygiene standards required in medical settings.

The brackets of these casters are crafted from high-grade Nylon, a material renowned for its strength and longevity. This Nylon bracket is designed to withstand the substantial stress and frequent usage that medical equipment endures daily. It is engineered to maintain its integrity even under the highest loads, ensuring that your equipment remains mobile and versatile within the healthcare facility.

Our Medical Casters are equipped with a 4 Inch wheel size, which is the perfect balance between maneuverability and stability. The 160mm wheel-to-bracket height provides enough clearance to navigate over various obstacles, such as elevator gaps and thresholds, without compromising the safety of the equipment or patient. This wheel size also allows for a smoother ride over different flooring types, from hospital corridors to patient rooms.

In terms of aesthetics, these casters come in a neutral White+Grey color combination that easily complements any piece of medical equipment or hospital decor. The white component of the caster is designed to blend seamlessly with the cleanliness of a medical environment, while the grey part provides a subtle contrast that helps to minimize the visual impact of scuffs and marks.

The load capacity of these Medical Casters is an impressive 125kg. This high load capacity ensures that the casters can support a range of medical devices and equipment, from lightweight mobile IV stands to heavier medical carts and patient transport systems. The strong load-bearing capacity ensures that healthcare professionals can confidently transport essential equipment throughout the hospital, knowing the casters can handle the weight.

Each caster features a precision-engineered SWIVEL mechanism that allows for full 360-degree rotation. This SWIVEL feature is vital for the quick and effortless maneuvering of medical equipment in tight spaces, such as crowded hospital wards or operating rooms. The smooth swiveling action minimizes the effort required to change directions and allows for agile movement without the need to lift or reposition the equipment, which can be critical in emergency situations.

The integration of Stainless Steel, Nylon materials, and the SWIVEL technology in these 4 Inch casters create a product that is not only functional but also innovative. The combination of these high-quality materials and features ensures that our Medical Casters are a reliable choice for any healthcare application. Whether you're outfitting a new medical facility or upgrading existing equipment, these casters are designed to provide the performance and durability needed in the demanding medical field.

In summary, the Medical Casters are a premium mobility solution for healthcare equipment. Constructed with Stainless Steel and Nylon, featuring a 4 Inch wheel size, and designed in a professional White+Grey color scheme, these casters offer a high load capacity of 125kg with the added benefit of a SWIVEL mechanism for unparalleled maneuverability. The 160mm height clearance and the robust Steel construction ensure that these casters are an essential component for any medical device requiring mobility, reliability, and hygiene compliance.


  • Product Name: Medical Casters
  • Bearing Type: Precision Ball Bearing
  • Type: Plate
  • Load Capacity: 125kg
  • Loaded Capacity: 275lbs
  • Wheel Diameter: 3 Inches
  • Finish: Zine Plated
  • Material: Steel
  • Corrosion Resistance: Zine Plated

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Wheel Size 4 Inch
Material Stainless Steel
Bracket Material Nylon
Wheel Diameter 3 Inches
Brake Double Brake
Bolt Hole Spacing 76*61mm
Color White+Grey
Type Plate
Loaded Capacity 275lbs
Load Capacity 125kg


The Medical Caster , model number HRM001 , is a premium mobility solution designed for a wide array of applications within the healthcare industry. Manufactured in the heart of the industrial province of Guangdong, China , these casters are crafted to meet the highest standards, holding certifications such as ISO, RoHS, and CE , ensuring both safety and quality for medical environments.

Perfect for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), and OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) services, the Medical Caster HRM001 is versatile and can be customized according to specific brand requirements. With a minimum order quantity of 200 and a substantial supply ability of 6,000,000 units, these casters are ideal for large-scale hospital equipment manufacturers and distributors looking to enhance their product offerings.

The Medical Casters are designed for an overall height of 4 inches to provide sufficient clearance without compromising on stability. Equipped with precision ball bearings, they offer a smooth and silent operation, crucial for the quiet corridors of medical facilities. The casters boast an impressive load capacity of 125kg (approximately 275lbs), making them an excellent choice for supporting a wide range of medical devices and equipment that require a load capacity up to 90kg and more.

Their aesthetic of white and grey not only enhances the professional look of the medical appliances but also maintains a clean appearance. This design is particularly suited for various scenarios such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and laboratories, where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance.

Packaging details are meticulously thought out to ensure the safety and integrity of the product during shipping. Each caster is wrapped in transparent OPP bags, with outer packaging in a cardboard box. Custom packaging can also be tailored to meet the unique branding needs of clients.

With a delivery time of 180 days, planning and procurement processes can be streamlined to ensure that the supply of Medical Casters aligns with production schedules. The Medical Caster HRM001 is not just a product but a comprehensive mobility solution for healthcare providers, offering reliability, performance, and an aesthetic that suits the professional medical environment.


Brand Name: Medical Caster

Model Number: HRM001

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Certification: ISO Rosh CE

Minimum Order Quantity: 200

Packaging Details: 1. Inner packing: transparent opp bags each product 2. Outer packing: cardboard box 3. Other packing: Customized packing

Delivery Time: 180 days

Supply Ability: 6000000 pieces per month

Loaded Capacity: 275lbs

Load Capacity: 125kg

Color: White+Grey

Brake: Double Brake

Bracket Material: Nylon

Additional Features: Zine Plated, SWIVEL casters for enhanced mobility

Support and Services:

Our Medical Casters product comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure the smooth operation of your medical equipment. Our support includes assistance with installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of casters to keep your medical devices mobile and functional. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing prompt and effective solutions to any technical issues that may arise with our casters.

In addition to our technical support, we offer a variety of services to enhance the performance and longevity of your Medical Casters. These services include regular maintenance checks, performance assessments, and caster replacement programs. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and support to meet the demanding needs of the medical environment.

Please note that while our technical support is always available to assist you, it is crucial to refer to the product documentation and user manuals for initial guidance. Our services are designed to complement the detailed instructions and specifications provided with our Medical Casters. By following the recommended usage and maintenance guidelines, you can ensure the optimal functioning of your casters and avoid common issues.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Each Medical Caster is individually wrapped in a protective polybag to prevent scratches during transport. The casters are then grouped into sets if applicable, and securely placed within a sturdy cardboard box with padding materials to ensure stability and minimize movement. The box is sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and labeled with the product information, handling instructions, and a barcode for inventory management.


Our Medical Casters are shipped via a reliable courier service to ensure timely and safe delivery. The outer packaging is clearly marked with fragile handling stickers and includes a packing slip with the customer's order details. Tracking information is provided upon dispatch so that customers can monitor their shipment's progress. We also offer expedited shipping options for urgent orders at an additional cost. All shipments are insured for the value of the goods to protect against loss or damage during transit.


Q1: What is the brand name of the casters I am considering for purchase?

A1: The brand name of the casters is Medical Caster.

Q2: What is the model number for the Medical Caster product?

A2: The model number for the Medical Caster product is HRM001.

Q3: Where are Medical Casters manufactured?

A3: Medical Casters are manufactured in Guangdong, China.

Q4: What certifications do Medical Casters have?

A4: Medical Casters come with ISO, Rosh, and CE certifications.

Q5: What is the minimum order quantity for Medical Casters?

A5: The minimum order quantity for Medical Casters is 200 units.

Q6: How are Medical Casters packaged?

A6: Medical Casters are packaged with inner packing of transparent opp bags for each product, outer packing in a cardboard box, and other custom packing options are available upon request.

Q7: What is the delivery time for an order of Medical Casters?

A7: The delivery time for an order of Medical Casters is approximately 180 days.

Q8: What is the supply ability for Medical Casters?

A8: The supply ability for Medical Casters is 6,000,000 units.