3-1/2 Inch Top Plate Swivel Radius Medium Duty Casters With 1/4 Inch Bolt Hole Size

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Product Details
Bearing Type Ball Bearing Brake Type Side Lock
Wheel Diameter 4 Inch Wheel Color Gray
Load Capacity 300 Lbs Bolt Hole Size 1/4 Inch
Top Plate Swivel Radius 3-1/2 Inch Bolt Hole Spacing 2-7/8 X 2-7/8 Inch
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Radius Medium Duty Casters


Top Plate Swivel Medium Duty Casters

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Product Description

3-1/2 Inch Top Plate Swivel Radius Medium Duty Casters with 1/4 Inch Bolt Hole Size

Product Description:

Medium duty casters are a type of wheel used for transporting moderately heavy loads. When it comes to weight limitations, these casters can hold anywhere from 500 to 1,200 pounds of weight per wheel. This makes these casters the perfect choice for medium weight-bearing items.

This kind of caster is often used in industries including medical, garage, retail, and construction. They are crafted to provide an ample amount of support to navigate heavy items with ease. Unlike light-duty casters, which may break or bend under pressure, medium-duty casters can compensate for weight and workspaces with high levels of friction.

In order for the caster to fulfill its purpose of supporting heavy loads, many of them come with an extra-sturdy construction that includes double-ball bearings, stressed steel swivels, cold-forged or stamped steel, larger diameters, and stainless steel construction.



Medium Duty Casters

Weight Capacity: Medium duty casters typically have a weight capacity between 250 lbs and 1,000 lbs, making them highly versatile for applications requiring moderate loads to be moved.

Wheel Material: The wheels of medium duty casters are generally constructed of materials such as rubber, polyurethane, or nylon for improved durability and better traction. This allows for quiet and smooth rolling on various surfaces.

Swivel and Locking Mechanisms: All medium casters are equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows for multidirectional movement. In addition, many models have a locking mechanism which blocks the caster from swiveling when actively engaged, resulting in increased stability.

Mounting Options: Medium duty casters come with several mounting options, including plate mounts, stem mounts, and bolt hole mounts for more flexibility and ease of installation.

Brake Options: Some medium duty casters are also equipped with brakes to prevent the wheels from rolling when desired, such as when loading or unloading heavy items.

Size and Height Options: These casters come in a variety of sizes and heights to be compatible with different types of equipment and furniture.

Corrosion Resistance: Many medium duty casters are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for applications that may expose them to moisture or chemicals.

Quiet Operation: These casters come with ball bearings or bushings for quieter performance, which is especially beneficial when noise reduction is necessary.


Technical Parameters:

Attributes Description
Temperature Range 0 To 180 Degrees F
Wheel Color Gray
Bolt Hole Size 1/4 Inch
Wheel Width 1-1/4 Inch
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Wheel Type Polyurethane
Overall Height 5-3/4 Inch
Wheel Diameter 4 Inch
Bolt Hole Spacing 2-7/8 X 2-7/8 Inch
Load Capacity 300 Lbs
Special Feature Shock-absorbing Casters, Heat-resistant Casters, Heat-resistant Casters


Medium duty casters typically have a load capacity of 500 to 1,000 pounds per caster and are used in a variety of applications. For example, they can be used to facilitate the movement of industrial equipment in the workplace, make it easier to transport heavy loads across a warehouse or distribution center, be found on retail displays, and be used in medical equipment applications. Additionally, medium duty casters are often used in the hospitality industry to move furniture such as tables, chairs, and service carts.

In industrial settings, medium duty casters make it possible to manoeuvre heavy loads and provide a convenient way for workers to transport equipment within the workplace. In material handling situations, medium duty casters provide maximum efficiency and portability, allowing for the easy movement of pallets, racks, and storage containers. When it comes to retail displays, casters enable retailers to quickly adjust their store layout when needed. In the medical field, casters provide necessary support to medical equipment, such as hospital beds and patient transport devices, and ensure patients can travel securely.

Finally, in the hospitality industry, medium duty casters are incredibly useful for setting up and rearranging furniture in hotels, restaurants and event spaces. In summary, medium duty casters are used in a multitude of situations, from industrial work environments to the hospitality industry, and provide a secure, convenient way to transport heavy burdens.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Medium Duty Casters

We provide technical support and service for our Medium Duty Casters. Our experienced professionals are available to help you choose the right products to fit your specific application.

Our staff can provide advice on installation, maintenance and troubleshooting for our Medium Duty Casters. We also provide technical support documents and videos which can help you get the most out of your product.

If you ever need additional assistance, please contact us at support@example.com. We are always here to help.



Q: What are the features of medium duty casters?
A: Medium duty casters are designed to support a load of up to 300 lbs., making them ideal for medium-duty applications such as office furniture, retail displays, and medical equipment. They feature a variety of wheel materials, brake options, and mounting configurations to allow for customization.
Q: What are the benefits of using medium duty casters?
A: Medium duty casters offer a range of benefits, including increased mobility, improved ergonomics, and reduced strain on operators. They also help to reduce rolling resistance, making them ideal for applications that require frequent movement.
Q: What types of wheels are available for medium duty casters?
A: Medium duty casters are available with a variety of wheel materials, including polyurethane, rubber, and steel. Depending on the application, some wheels may be better suited than others.
Q: Are there any customization options available for medium duty casters?
A: Yes, medium duty casters can be customized with different brake options, mounting configurations, and wheel materials. This allows for a range of customization options that can be tailored to the application.
Q: How do you determine the right caster for your application?
A: When selecting a caster for your application, you should consider the weight of the load to be supported, the type of flooring, and the required mobility. Based on these factors, you can determine the right caster for your needs.