Which is the best caster wheels for heavy load?

July 18, 2023
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Which is the best caster wheels for heavy load


Choosing the best caster wheels for heavy loads requires careful analysis of the specific usage environment and load-bearing requirements. Simply opting for larger size and higher load capacity does not guarantee the best choice.


Firstly, it's crucial to consider the intended environment and load requirements. Different caster applications have varying high load ranges based on their specific purposes.


For instance, furniture casters like 2-inch brown TPR double-wheel casters can handle loads up to 176 pounds, which surpasses plastic casters of the same size with a load capacity of only 33 pounds. While TPR casters perform well in high-load situations compared to plastic casters, they may not necessarily be the best option for heavy loads due to the excess load surplus and higher costs.


In a narrower sense, careful selection of caster wheels is essential by considering the specific usage environment and load requirements. If you frequently use a platform trolley for outdoor activities with heavy loads, you might prefer heavy duty iron core polyurethane casters for their excellent wear resistance. However, keep in mind that outdoor terrain can be uneven, causing damage to polyurethane tire treads and requiring frequent replacement. Additionally, polyurethane casters can be expensive, making them less cost-effective. In this case, it would be more suitable to choose shock-resistant casters like pneumatic or elastic rubber casters, provided they meet your load requirements. It's important not to settle for casters with a load capacity that barely meets the standard as it can lead to high-intensity working conditions and significantly shorten their lifespan.


While it's true that larger caster sizes generally offer higher load capacities and require less effort to turn under load, simply choosing the largest size doesn't necessarily make it the best choice for high loads. Oversized casters can increase costs, waste resources, raise the center of gravity, and are unsuitable for stable movement in machines or equipment.


In some cases, it may also be necessary to consider noise reduction during use, in which case polyurethane and TPR casters can be considered.