What is cast iron pu caster?

November 3, 2021
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The polyurethane on the YLcaster iron core PU casters is cast in liquid and is covered on our cast iron core with special glue. Sturdy solid cast iron wheel core, thick polyurethane material. Pay special attention during the bonding process to ensure that each polyurethane on the iron wheel meets or exceeds YLCaster's high-performance standards.


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They are much more durable than rubber casters. Moreover, these wheels leave no marks on the floor and are quieter than hard treads or other solid wheel casters. Polyurethane wheels also have excellent wear resistance and can resist most chemicals, grease, oil and water.



These cast iron core PU casters are divided into standard flat treads and crown treads. The flat tread casters can reduce the pressure on the ground very well, because they have a larger contact area and have greater protection for the floor; and the crown The type tread reduces the friction between the tread and the ground, thereby improving the rolling and maneuverability of the wheel. Therefore, the two have different advantages, and you can choose according to your specific needs.


Suitable temperature range for cast iron core polyurethane casters: -40°to +180°F