What is cast iron caster

May 20, 2021
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The wear of cast iron wheels is very long. These wheels have excellent shock resistance and are ideal for heavy loads in manufacturing and storage, especially under rough concrete, wooden blocks and other rough surface conditions. Our cast iron wheels are made of much stronger material than the inexpensive semi-steel wheels provided by many other wheel manufacturers.Although our cast iron wheel can withstanding high temperatures and exposure to water or the environment, they will rust over time. Cast iron wheels can also withstand the corrosion of chemicals, grease, oil, etc.

Now, we have light duty cast iron casters, medium duty cast iron casters, heavy duty cast iron casters. You can choose different type and different surface treatment and color.


We are a professional caster wheels design and manufacturer, covering industrial casters, furniture casters, medical casters, etc. If you have any questions or purchase requirements about casters, don’t hesitate, just call us or reach us by email:sale2@ylcaster.com.