Versatility and Applications of Polyurethane

May 27, 2024
Latest company news about Versatility and Applications of Polyurethane

PU material, full name polyurethane, abbreviated as polyurethane, is a polymer compound. This material was first produced by Otto Bayer and others in 1937. Polyurethane is mainly divided into two categories: polyester type and polyether type, and can be further madeinto a variety of products, including polyurethane plastics (mainly foam plastics), polyurethane fibers, polyurethanerubbers, and elastomers.

These products are widely used invarious fields due to their excellent performance.

For example: Soft polyurethane has excellent stability, chemical resistance, resilience and mechanical properties, so it isoften used as packaging, sound insulation and filtration materials;
Hard polyurethane is used in structural materials in the construction, automobile and aviation industries for its lightweight, good sound insulation and thermal insulation properties and electrical properties;

The properties of polyurethane elastomers are between plastics and rubbers, and are particularly suitable for the shoemaking industry and the medical field.

In addition, in the home decoration industry, PU material sare also often used in the production of sofa surface leather, Because of its soft texture and moderate price, it has the texture of genuine leather and is very durable, making it very popular in the market.