The 131st Canton Fair is closed

April 28, 2022
Latest company news about The 131st Canton Fair is closed

The 131st online Canton Fair has come to an end, and the live broadcast has also stopped.
However, friends who are in need of casters can still contact us through various channels, such as some social media, Facebook, Twitter, Ins, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc., or on this website, or our email, etc. As long as you have needs, our business colleagues can also let you know more and more detailed caster products through pictures, videos, etc. At the same time, we also support real-time video chat tools such as facetime and zoom to achieve one-on-one, face-to-face Sincere communication and exchanges, help you customize and purchase the most suitable products.
It's the end of April, and given the current international shipping and port conditions, it's time to prepare for inventory in the second half of the year.