Technical requirements for the production and processing of industrial silent wheels

April 20, 2021
Latest company news about Technical requirements for the production and processing of industrial silent wheels

The technical requirement is to summarize the caster or wheel before production and processing, which is important for improving the quality of the caster during normal production.


Indicators; when we manufacture casters or wheels, we can effectively operate in accordance with the technical requirements, then we can improve product quality and reduce defective products; of course


Different parts have different technical requirements, and reasonable technical requirements are also the most basic guarantee. Now caster manufacturers follow the GBT standard to implement, this also standardizes the technical requirements of casters or wheels, and also improves the general usability.


Appearance technical requirements
1. All parts should not have defects that affect the use, and the surface of metal parts should be effectively prevented from rusting.

2. The surface of the parts should be uniform in color;

Assembly technical requirements:

1. The rotating parts (wheels, brackets) should rotate flexibly, without jamming and loosening;

2. The wheel assembly should be firm, and the axle should not rotate with the wheel;

3. The braking device of the brake caster should have reliable performance;

4. The bracket steering clearance should be 0.1mm-0.2mm;

5. The main dimensions of casters and wheels should comply with GBT regulations;


Technical requirements for wheel runout:

The runout tolerance of the end face is 1.0% of the wheel diameter D, and the radial runout tolerance is 0.5% of the wheel diameter D;


Technical requirements for overload capacity:

The residual deformation of the wheel diameter D after the overload test should meet the requirements of the following table


Technical requirements for static pressure resistance:

After the static pressure resistance test, the caster should maintain the following performance:

a. The rotating parts can rotate flexibly, without jamming and loosening;

b. The wheel axle does not rotate, and there is no deformation that affects the rotation of the wheel;


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