Industrial Caster Riveting Technology-1

April 7, 2021
Latest company news about Industrial Caster Riveting Technology-1


The cold roller riveting method makes the rivets deform and follow the natural flow direction of metal, without reducing the notch impact toughness and ductility of materials, which reduces the risk of over-high tangential tensile stress around the rivet pier head, and the material without breaking fiber flow after riveting can improve the rivet's bearing capacity. After the destructive test of the rotary cold roller casters' riveting with traditional hammering and stamping industrial casters, it is known that the connection strength of cold roller casters' riveting is about 80% higher than that of traditional casters' riveting. After riveting on the cold roller casters, rivet almost no bending, drum belly, pier thick deformation phenomenon. At the same time, the parts connected with the rivet have no deformation. And hammer, stamping casters riveted , as a case of pressure, full impact, the above defects more obvious.


The surface roughness after rivet forming is only dependent on the rivet head, and the surface roughness of the rivet head is easy to be guaranteed. Therefore, the surface smoothness and beauty of rivet rivets with the cold roller is incomparable to other methods of caster riveting.


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