How Do You Know About Phenolic Casters?

June 7, 2021
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YLcaster phenolic casters are made of macerated cotton canvas and mixed with high-quality phenolic resin compounds, also call heat resistant caster wheels. They are molded under high pressure under controlled conditions to produce products with maximum density and higher strength. YLcaster phenolic wheels are very hard, with a hardness of 90 Shore D, which makes them very easy to roll. Whats more , They are not as loud as steel wheels , therefore, they protect floor well .

YLcaster wheels are very popular wheels and are used in various industrial applications including manufacturing, warehousing and bakeries. YLcaster phenolic wheels are very economical. They can withstand a temperature range from -50° to + 250°F. Special high-temperature YLcaster phenolic wheels can be used in applications ranging from -45° to +475°F. These applications are generally used in industrial bakeries and other high-temperature applications.

YLcaster phenolic wheels with super heavy duty laminated are also available. Their rated capacity has been increased by 25% and impact load capacity has been increased. All YLcaster phenolic wheels are resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, and most commonly used chemicals and water. It is not recommended to use YLcaster phenolic wheels in humid or continuously humid environments. Phenolic wheels should not be towed or used on poor or damaged floor surfaces.

Temperature range: -50° to +250°F (depending on model)

Temperature range: -45° to +475°F (depending on model)