Snow White PVC Casters Of Light Duty Is Comming To Peru

September 13, 2021
Latest company case about Snow White PVC Casters Of Light Duty Is Comming To Peru

White transparent wheels, this is a light duty white PVC caster customized by one of our Peruvian customers. This type of caster usually uses electrophoretic black steel brackets with black tread and white pp core wheels. At the request of the customer, we made the wheels pure white, and also made the more economical PVC material. In order to highlight the customer's brand, we engraved his logo on the galvanized bracket. Similarly, the customer’s unique logo is also printed on the outside of the box to enhance the customer’s brand image.


Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of customization by many customers. If you want to know more styles of casters of the same model, you can click here: Light Duty Casters.


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