Light and medium duty pvc casters shipping to India

April 19, 2022
Latest company case about Light and medium duty pvc casters shipping to India

Hot selling 2 inch light duty swivel and brake PVC casters and 3 inch medium red casters are all ready, loaded, and about to cross the Strait of Malacca to the Indian Ocean and reach our Indian customers.


The light caster bracket adopts the electrophoresis process and the surface is black. The 3-inch medium-sized casters are galvanized and have a metallic luster. The wheels are all relatively soft materials, which can provide protection for the floor and make less noise in use.


If you are importing from China for the first time and do not have a well-known freight forwarder, we can also arrange shipping for you.


If you have any needs for casters, you can contact us at any time or visit our website for consultation. Recently, we are participating in the Canton Fair, and there are live broadcasts every day. If you are interested, you can watch it through the link below.


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