Chinese New Year holiday schedule, things to pay attention to when purchasing casters

January 31, 2024

Guangzhou Ylcaster Metal Co., Ltd. follows the unified holiday time of the Chinese government. The Spring Festival in 2024 will start from February 9, 2024, and last until February 17, 2024, with a total of 8 days of holiday. During this period, many companies and government agencies will be closed, and employees will take leave to go home to reunite with their families.

For foreign buyers, if you plan to conduct business communication with Chinese suppliers or purchase casters and other products during the Spring Festival, there are a few points to note:

Plan ahead: The Spring Festival is a long holiday in China, and many companies will be on holiday, which may affect your business progress and communication. Therefore, please plan your purchasing plans in advance and work with your suppliers to discuss holiday arrangements for both parties.

Timing: China's Spring Festival holiday typically lasts about a week, during which suppliers and factories shut down. Make sure to contact your suppliers in advance and understand their specific holiday arrangements so that you can arrange your purchases in time before the Spring Festival.

Communication: Although suppliers may be on holiday, communication with them can still be maintained through email, instant messaging, or phone calls during the Spring Festival holiday. Make sure you maintain good communication with your suppliers so you can resume business smoothly after the holidays.

In addition, China's transportation system may face peak periods and delays during the New Year holiday, including air, sea and logistics. This also requires buyers to make corresponding plans when arranging the transportation of goods. When purchasing goods during the Chinese New Year, they must understand China's holiday times, communicate with suppliers in a timely manner, and consider factors such as transportation delays.

In short, when working with Chinese suppliers during the Spring Festival, you need to plan ahead and maintain good communication with them to ensure smooth business progress. I wish you success in the new year!